Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Horse Moms

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Horse Moms

Hey! I am a mom and a horse mom, so I thought I was pretty qualified to share these Mother’s Day gift ideas for horse moms (or moms who just like horses). Its been a bit crazy in these parts the last 6 weeks, and I have been MIA but I want to get back here more regularly, even if its just share some cute things I have found around the web!

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As I shared before, I nearly lost my best equine buddy, Monster, back in January. I love this guy dearly and as I was grooming him today it popped into my head to create a list of “horse mom” gift ideas. Some of these horsey ideas are for the horse and some are for “mom”.

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Gift Ideas for Horse Moms

Whether your Mom owns a horse or just loves horses, these gift ideas can easily fit into every day life. Carry one of these equestrian styled bags or add a little equine themed bling to a favorite outfit.

Gifts for Horse Moms at the Barn

Horse owners and moms often spend a lot of time at the barn. Here are some gift ideas to make barn life a little easier.

Mother's Day 
Gift Ideas for Horse Moms

Hope you found these gift ideas handy! Did you find something you’d love to have? or would love to gift your Mom? Let me know in the comments. I’m planning another non-horse themed gift guide soon, so be sure to check back.


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