February on the Ranch

a visual journal

I’m back with a little recap of February on the ranch, in sunny California. I emphasize sunny because February brought is virtual NO rain. Fortunately we were at fairly good levels last month, so the lack of rain didn’t set us back that badly as far as drought. BUT saying we are out of serious drought conditions would be a stretch. And while we did have some rather warm days, it wasn’t quite enough to dry everything out yet. Phew.

Carrots aren’t just for horses. Our dogs love them as a healthy snack.
girl on buckskin horse
Sassy kid tried to bring her horse inside.
grey horse on ranch
Blue is home! First weekend home he won his division at GCA both days.
Beautiful roses for Valentine’s Day.
Pretty protea on a day trip to Monterey.
horse and pony in corral
Monster has made a FULL recovery!!
Always anxious to keep my hands busy, I’ve been embroidering some beanies for my kid and her friends.

February on the Ranch

Overall February on the ranch has been pretty uneventful. We’ve enjoyed darn nice weather for winter and managed to get a lot of farm chores done. Lots of appointments for shots, shoes and other horsey upkeep. Indoors I’ve been purging and working on spring cleaning. It’s time to clear the decks as my Mom used to say. I have needed this for some time and while it can be hard, it feels good.

The kiddo started a new job!
Shaggy sheep herd.
Updating and repairing new to us chicken coop in prep for our chicks.
Someone torched a car across from our driveway. Scary but HFD got it out before it could spread.

Moving forward

Heading forward we’re looking forward to moving our chicks over to our place (they are currently at the neighbors under a red light) and more horse shows. Many have been cancelled due to an outbreak of a horse virus known as EHV-1. We’ll be refreshing our planters (in and out) and hopefully getting barn organized. This weekend the time changes are we’re looking forward to more daylight!! Are you?


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