Brush & Barnwood


IMG_0097Welcome to Brush & Barnwood.. my brand new blog. While the blog is new, I am certainly not new to blogging. I blogged under Bluhm Studios for years, and years, and last year revived my old(ish) blog Short Attention Span Studios when things started to point the direction that I needed to be writing again. Somehow it never really felt like the  right fit and I couldn’t get comfortable there. My life was definitely on a new path and with a new year, I decided to just create a new space to better represent where I am now.

Why Brush & Barnwood? Brush represents my lettering journey. Hand lettering is something I have been interested in for some time but it wasn’t until I lost my Mom rather unexpectedly to cancer (f*$# cancer) that I took the plunge. Amid my grief, I found I needed something to kick start my muse because I couldn’t face my studio and I wasn’t doing anything creative, which made me even more depressed. I decided to sign up for a class from Amanda Arneill in early 2016 and committed myself to practicing and  learning. I kept that commitment to myself and lettered nearly EVERY DAY for a year. I did drills upon drills, practiced my lines, my loops, my swashes and extenders and descenders and more. It WAS NOT a natural thing for me, it did NOT come easily, but I kept on because focusing on learning to letter kept me NOT focused on not having my Mom.

As time progressed, I ventured to new mediums.. felt pens, chalk pens and a love affair with water colors that consumed me for months. We moved into a new home ) I’m Emmagetting to the barnwood) mid 2017 and again my muse decided to take a break. That was until a friend decided she needed a a bunch of hand lettered signs for her daughter’s wedding. She delivered the boards and after staring at them for a few days I took a deep breath and dove in.
That started me lettering pretty much anything that wasn’t nailed down…

…and thus the Barnwood… we were fortunate to be able to purchase and move to our dream property last year; A 5-acre ranch on the outskirts of town where we could have our horses, open space and fresh air complete with a barn! Studio coming soon!!

So this blog, I hope, will continue with my new life as a mini rancher, horse owner, lover of rustic things, DIYer and hand letterer. Stay tuned…


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